Remote Interpreting Services

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What we do

 Flamingo Interpreting provides remote sign language interpreting and spoken language interpreting over any airwaves you’re working with. We can port into Zoom, Skype, Webex and yes, even the Metaverse.

How we do it

American Sign Language interpreting via Zoom might be the most commonly used service currently in practice. We’ve taken steps to make our services available on any platform. We have providers credentialed on BlueJeans, Cisco Webex, Skype and many more. We also partner with providers who have access to studios that allow for color matching, customizable lighting and image control for porting into produced events online. It’s important that you feel your brand is represented, that’s why we’ve made it even easier to add your brands touch to accessibility for your audience.

What our clients have to say...

I have had an absolutely first-rate experience with the Flamingo Interpreting team on multiple projects and I highly recommend you hire them for any and all access needs. It's a talented group.

The future is here

Remote american sign language interpreting and remote spoken language interpreting are fairly similar but also have different requirements. With the increased use of Zoom, we’re able to port in either service using a standard user profile and with spoken language interpreting, the use of a separate audio channel built in to the Zoom platform. Our interpreters are all well versed in the major platforms and can study up on anything you might be using as an alternative. We ensure to schedule time for tech checks and resolve any issues ahead of events to provide the best quality service without a hitch. To read more about how remote interpreting services work, head here.

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