There are plenty of reasons to have translations and localized documents notarized, namely for government and immigration purposes. While many of our clients will reach out about specific translations of personal documents like writing, books, poems and blog posts, many of our clients need their documents translated in order to process passport, green card or other immigration steps.

As a company we offer notarization of all of our documents but you may be surprised to find out which clients specifically need notarization and which don’t. Most of our creative project clients do not want or need notarization. This is because the only source of approval they’re looking for is the reader. There is no other authority who will decide if the project is good enough.

Passport Translation Notarization

For clients needing urgent passports, notarization is often done over Zoom or in many cases by passed entirely. This is because they need to leave or enter the country immediately and some concessions must be made. However, for people requesting rush passport translation notarization is often very easy to accomplish ahead of time, increasing the speed of request.

Death Certificate Notarization

Translating a death certificate is usually not the result of a hobby but instead the requirement of a government. If a government body is requesting the rush translation of a death certificate, it usually requires the document is notarized. For these situations, we offer 24 hour notary service in New York City to ensure your translation is rushed to the department requesting. When the situation is life or death, we can often rush your passport, translation and notarization within a few hours.

What is Notarization?

Notarizations are self authenticating which is why many government bodies require that you hire an outside translator to certify the document and notarize it. If you already have the translation but simply need it notarized without having it processed again, we can have an editor do the notarization. That editor is a professional translator of government documents who can review the original translation, sign off, certify and in turn notarize that the contents of the document are an accurate translation of the original.