Some clients need to fly in the preferred interpreter for the booking. In these cases, the costs of travel can become a concern. We manage those concerns a little different than an average interpreting agency. We build those costs around our business versus your bottom line.

With the amount of interpreters we fly around the world, we’ve been able to take advantage of corporate rates, discounts and rewards programs to cut down on the final costs needed to be passed on to the payer. When we combine all of these, we’re left with a clear set of numbers that won’t greatly impact the cost of the total bill.

First, we only work with interpreters who are ready and able to travel. Hiring interpreters who must then complete multiple processes in order to get where they’re going can be a hassle but worse, it can slow you down. We ensure everyone who joins our team has a valid passport, travel insurance and the ability to move when necessary. We’ve also worked with some incredible travel partners to ensure we’re readying new interpreters for taking work outside of their home market.

We also ensure interpreters are fully prepared for an early arrival. Whether it’s for a conference or a wedding, we always build in a buffer to their itinerary that will allow them to arrive refreshed and focused when you need them.

In addition to the precautions we have in place, our office maintains total and open communication with our clients regarding interpreter whereabouts, itinerary changes or schedule adjustments. A lot can happen while you’re in the air but we’re here to tell you – We fly your way.