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 Flamingo Interpreting provides consulting services to support your business. That means that we provide all the necessary tools to work with your own clients directly and can advise you in best practices. We can also help you figure out business relationships with agencies.


If you’re moving to a new area and need some help with rates, negotiating an increase or navigating relationships with agencies we can help. Maybe you’re trying to shift your practice or begin a specialty, we can help with that too. Perhaps you’ve been lambasted on the internet by interpreters who don’t even know you and now your name is being trashed in the community, we can totally help with that too. We’ve been there.

What our clients have to say...

“Before working with Flamingo Interpreting, I was stuck in my practice. I was at a loss of options, not knowing what to do I started looking into schooling options to change careers. Admittedly I felt defeated. That all changed when I met Grey. Even before hiring him as a consultant, he changed my perspective on work. Initially working independently, trading contracts, traveling for work, writing contracts, being a business owner etc… seemed impossible. However, after weeks of talking with him, I decided to hire him for consultation services (when it was time to establish my LLC) and discovered my independence. Fast forward 6 months, many phone-calls and meetings, I have a small but growing list of great clients. My practice is now bi-coastal. I’ve been able to focus more on tailoring my services to each individual client based on need and have seen my income increase 150%. Meeting with Grey on a regular basis has and still helps continue to shape my business.”


When you purchase consulting services through Flamingo, we connect you with other interpreters in your area and beyond who may be available to work with you when you need a sub or just when you could use a little feedback.


Each of our three packages is structured for choice and scheduling. If you’re looking for ad-hoc services, we’re able to consult on individual contracts which means we don’t get paid until you have a deal. If you’re looking for something more long term, we can build your future with you in a way that makes sense. 

Packages we offer

Direct Contract

  • Contract support
  • Negotiation 
  • Contract maintenance
  • Billing support
  • Expert referrals


This package is recommended as an ad-hoc service for practitioners experiencing their first direct contract. If you are interested in private practice, this is a great starting point. Services are not billed until the contract has been executed. 


Standard consulting is by project/goal. Together we can create new plans, roadmaps and knock out your business goals on an ad-hoc basis.


Any product or service Flamingo offers within the scope of work provided.


Recommended for establishing new long term business relationships, achieving new fiscal goals and procuring new business.


Standard consulting follows a $60/hr or by project pricing. Initial consults are not charged.


  • Weekly coaching calls
  • Custom written contracts
  • Negotiation support
  • Contract maintenance
  • Billing support
  • Use of Flamingo Interpreting documents
  • Branded invoicing & business essentials
  • Expert referrals


This package is best for those looking to elevate their business, increase clients and potentially expand to a referral service. Interpreters in search of a roadmap to move their business forward for the long term find the most benefit in retaining services.

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