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Fly different.

While we are all active interpreters who are passionate about our work, to be apart of the Flamingo network is to bring something new to the industry. We partner with practitioners who crave change and work to enact that change in an effort to improve the lives of their colleagues and clientele.

What we look for

Simply, talent. We’ve made a name for ourselves with high profile clients by working with interpreters who strive for greatness in every aspect of their work. We’re driven, committed and we never stop growing.
The spaces where we provide services are often high pressure, fast paced and very visible. We look for interpreters who don’t shy away from a challenge but rise to it.
Each interpreter in The Flock is entirely independent which means many of us manage our own clients and sub out from within the network. Having a very client-centric approach to communication is key. We prioritize the experience of our clients and service users at every intersection.



Your portfolio should include recent samples of your work. We want to see it all! One thing we look for is repairs in your work. While a perfectly executed interpretation is amazing, it’s rare. We look for repairs that show off your ability to perform under pressure and prioritize faithfulness to the message rather than flawless interpreting.

Learn more about portfolios here.


Have a client who loves what you do? We’d like to know! Everyone who has joined the flock has done so on the recommendation of a client who adores them. We like to know how you practice and what your clients love about you! It helps us understand who you are and what you bring to the table.


Being an interpreter carries great responsibility and risk. Every interpreter in our network carries their own professional liability insurance. We only work with insured interpreters to keep our clients interests first and their confidence high.

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