Nyle DiMarco’s new book “Deaf Utopia” has now reached the New York Times Best Seller list, landing at number thirteen on the non-fiction list.

Nyle DiMarco spent five years compiling stories for his new book Deaf Utopia. In it, he describes how his childhood as a fourth generation Deaf man in an entirely Deaf family supported his success throughout life. He describes his mother as his biggest hero and recounts the struggles and triumphs his family has experienced over the last four generations.

His family originates in Sicily where his great-grandfather made the decision to immigrate to the United States. From there, his family settled in New York before his mother’s search for the best education available would lead them to explore Texas and Maryland where his mother now lives.

Throughout his teens, his mother exhausted every effort to provide her three boys with an incredible education but the stories of the obstacles she was met with along the way were simply too compelling to leave out of the book.

His book outlines his sexuality and his journey to finding himself along with a few salacious stories of what that brought along in his career in tinseltown. Deaf Utopia hit shelves last week and within it’s first week has already landed it on the NYT best sellers list.

Nyle DiMarco Oscar Nomination

Nyle DiMarco was recently nominated as a producer on the short documentary “Audible” housed on Netflix.

While the film didn’t take home a trophy, it won over the hearts of America, comparing it with the fiction of “CODA” which took home the award for best picture. Hollywood execs are now welcoming a new challenge from Nyle DiMarco to push representations forward not only on screen but behind the camera as well. “I am challenging Hollywood to not only focus on representation on screen but understand that authenticity can only happen when Deaf people are invited behind the camera lens. We need to see them in Director’s chairs and writers rooms.” he told his ASL Interpreter Greyson Van Pelt.

Greyson Van Pelt and Nyle DiMarco have worked together for almost five years exclusively.