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You sound like you.

We keep it that way.

What we do

Flamingo Interpreting provides interpreters everywhere. We’ve interpreted for heads of state at the United Nations general assembly and on the streets of New York for social justice efforts. From the board room to the business trip, we make your message make sense. As experts in the industry, we’re very familiar with providing interpreting services across the board. As a company that takes a new approach to interpreting, we do a few things differently.

Our process

First, we make sure your interpreter is the right fit. Our team carries an extensive network of practitioners who are committed to excellence and that includes finding the voice that sounds authentically yours. We’ve found with tighter screening and a more intimate process of voice matching, clients are much happier with their services. It’s your message, it should sound like you.

What our clients have to say...

Working with the Flamingo Interpreting agency has made our experience of using an interpreter in the entertainment industry a smooth and fun one! They genuinely care about what you need as a Deaf individual and went above and beyond to make sure we get what we are looking for in an interpreter! We would highly recommend them to anyone who needs an interpreting service!

We're different

We’ve thrown out fees. Other agencies like to tack on fees for just about anything. We work with flat rates, giving you total control of scheduling without worrying about surprise costs. What you see on the quote, is what you pay.

We get you.

We’re all about effortless communication. Having to go through multiple parties to ensure the interpreter knows where to go, is bonkers. We connect you directly with the practitioner, you’re welcome to slide into their DMs anytime. We don’t scramble and we’re flexible so no matter how complicated your event might be, we’ll stay cool, calm and clear. 

We're there.

Red carpets in Los Angeles? We do those. Star parties in the hills of Pennsylvania? We do those too. We’ve got friends everywhere. If you’re looking for an interpreter local to you, we can source them for you. Our commitment is always to building long term relationships with practitioners you can trust. Even if they don’t work with us yet, we’ll use every resource we’ve got to find the right interpreter for your next event.

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