Access for the Holidays

The holiday season is so many things to us all! It’s fun, joyful, nostalgic, heartwarming, and so much more! But we also know there’s two sides to everything. The holidays for some can also be stressful, isolating, anxiety inducing, disheartening, and sadly there’s more on this side of the spectrum as well. Why not do all we can to keep our experiences and memories on the positive side for all! One thing that can help take away from all of those less than desirable feelings is feeling included. All it may take is providing access with the help of interpreters and translators!

Interpreting for the Season

We get it, this may not be your first priority when you’re worrying about what colors to put on the office Christmas tree this year, but it should be! You know that guy from accounting who is amazing with numbers but can’t really speak English at a comfortable level to communicate? The one who always sits off to the side alone during meetings and social work functions? Yeah, him. You know it’s because there’s a language barrier, but what can you do about it? You can curate an interpreter to include him! Who knew that you’ve all been missing out on this incredibly fun party animal and a social butterfly during the company Christmas Eve cocktail hour! You do now that you’ve brought in a specialist to put him and everyone at ease by closing the gap on that barrier that was there before! Interpreters are specially trained in facilitating communication and making more than just boring ole’ business meetings accessible. They can help with holiday fun too!

Translation for Your Winter Celebration

It’s almost the New Year, and your office is buzzing about how excited they are to mingle with some of their partners working for other branches of the company overseas. They’ll all be arriving just in time for the annual New Year’s Eve dinner and awards celebration. But wait… they’re coming from all over the world? Paris, Rome, Barcelona, Hong Kong, and Tokyo. Don’t other parts of the world use other languages to communicate? And we have employees coming from five major cities around the world with limited knowledge of our language? No problem! Call on some experts for translation services! You can get all sorts of things translated for a smooth and seamless event. Menus, programs, scripts, itineraries for travel, and more! Make sure all of your partners feel valued and included by, well… including them!

The Holidays are for Family

Of course, having access at work and business functions should be on top of your personal wish list, but what about being home for the holidays? Don’t count it out! There are still plenty of situations where having an interpreter present can help create harmony at all your family functions! Especially in situations with Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing individuals, some families just never take the time or make an effort to learn their language or how to communicate. This often leads to isolation, depression, and even feelings of resentment. No one wants to miss that joke everyone is crying laughing about or have someone else speak for them because they don’t understand the questions, and let’s not even get into the dreaded “I’ll tell you later,” because we know that’s not happening. Having an interpreter present can make sure everyone truly has a seat at the table and can be incorporated into every event. Family harmony for all!

And that’s all folks! It’s as simple as that. Get those interpreters and translators working on your next business and/or family functions. It’s a simple addition to put you, those needing services, and your event as a whole at ease! Don’t crash Santa’s sleigh into your next event, let’s land him gracefully by hosting the holidays with access!