Interpreting in the Metaverse

The future of interpreting is here.

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We love tech

We embrace change no matter how futuristic. The exploration of metaverses and new virtual reality spaces is a thrilling adventure. It’s one we’re diving into head first. Not only do we have the resources and capabilities to provide interpreting in any metaverse but we’re also developing new ways to imagine accessibility outside of the physical world.

Our connections

Virtual reality has provided us more channels than ever to connect with our clients. We’ve consulted on accessibility to for projects streamed to conference rooms and to thousands around the world. We’re familiar with the technology as early adoptors. Our team is very excited to partner with you and bring your project to the next level.



We’re thrilled to be exploring new ways to connect, port in and provide services in this rapidly changing landscape. 

Our adaption

We’ve been exploring technological advances both remotely and on-site with clients for years. In our early days, we built small studios that allowed for green screen technology to port our video feeds into larger events when remote services were preferred. 


Since then the technology and our access to it has greatly improved. Our team is outfitted with the equipment and software necessary to provide services in every corner of the virtual world. We’d love to show you what we’re capable of both in the physical world and any web based worlds you’d like to explore!

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