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For Interpreters

Why Choose flamingo?

Grey here! I have no vested interest. I want to see you successful as a practitioner with a support system that actually makes sense. As an interpreter myself, I'm in your corner and will always be transparent with you. I've negotiated contracts for interpreters that have tripled their rates and helped new graduates land their dream job. You should love going to work everyday. I love helping make that happen.

We leverage our network, our experience and our name to widen opportunities for interpreters we work with. Also, we're just a really cool crew who will treat you better than whoever is behind the email you're tired of seeing.

Can we meet in person?

Totally! Let's flamingle! We have interpreters in multiple cities who can answer tons more questions! Follow us on social media to find out when we will be in your area next!

How do you make money?

We provide interpreters support in making a fair rate for services, at a slight cost. For years agencies have competed for the lowest possible rate out there, passing that along to interpreters while cashing in. We're working to correct their mistakes by being a bridge to direct work. We've seen interpreters triple their rate by going direct with our resources, giving them the ability to incorporate consulting services into their business model. Also, we're all active interpreters and we do make a profit from the work contractors provide when working with many of Flamingo's clients.

What's the difference between consulting & mentorship

Flamingo doesn't provide feedback on interpretations. We work on the business side of things; helping you navigate the sales, administrative, customer service and billing parts of the work. We can connect you with some incredible mentors though!

Some cool stuff you should know


We came Together as practitioners to change the game for our clients.

Our mission hasn't changed. We're still working to increase the independence of interpreters and the clients they serve. This company is 100% owned and driven by interpreters. We've worked really hard to build our rates, our structures and our reputation to become an industry leader in standards. We won't sell out to the many agencies out there who don't understand our work.


We Teach

Flamingo Interpreting owns Foundations in Freelance. Grey developed the series, started teaching and now it's changing the landscape of the interpreting industry. Our interpreters host workshops and teach seminars in interpreting programs through the year. For information on bringing some pink to your program, send a note to we'd love to chat!


We prioritize connection.

A big part of what we do is connecting people. So for example, if you have a direct contract that we set up and service, we can connect you with other interpreters in our network when you need a sub. You can always trust you'll be working with top talent who also works with us and has their own contracts to worry about. You can aways provide your own sub interpreter too, It's all about finding the right fit for your client. We have a strong network of talent, so if you're working with us you can expect to hear from some folks when they need a sub or maybe just a happy hour invite! Fun!


We travel well.

The consulting arm of this company was created to help interpreters travel. I was traveling around the world for work and interpreters just started reaching out for help. That was when I realized how necessary it was to share what I’ve learned. I’ve got tons of resources to help you figure out everything from flights to fair rates for services, plus some great money saving programs. Setting up your first contract away from home can be daunting but it really doesn’t have to be. Let’s take care of the business together so you can focus on packing.


We invest in our communities.

Each year Flamingo Interpreting allots hundreds of hours to supporting the work of Deaf creators, undocumented immigrants navigating expensive systems and other community members who simply cannot afford an interpreter/translator. In 2021 alone we spent over $15,000 supporting causes we believed in.

We've upset the competition

When we first started we were fairly off the radar and kept a small list of clients who loved us. As we grew, larger agencies took notice of the ways we were changing the game. They're not happy that we wouldn't charge the outrageous fees they did. They were even more mad when they found out that we slashed their margins in half and passed along those profits to the interpreters/translators. You can imagine how they felt finding out their clients switched to us and saved enough to never call them again. We're not here to become billionaires but to leave a legacy in our industry that makes the world a better place.

This sounds incredible, I wanna work here!

Duh! We’re referral based, but if you don't know anyone that works with us that's okay too! If you think you’d be a good fit, check out this page this page for more information.
We’d love for you to fly with us!

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