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Personal Interpreter to Nyle DiMarco

I’ve been under contract with Nyle DiMarco since 2018. Together we’ve travelled all over the world for conferences, awards, events and philanthropic work. I’ve had the pleasure of working along side him during some of entertainments most pivotal moments. 


I’ve been professionally consulting since 2015 in the interpreting industry guiding my colleagues to establishing their name and brand. My history in brand visibility and marketing provided me an early edge.

Since 2018 I’ve been called into some of the largest projects on television to support their access needs. As an interpreter first, I’m able to offer insight to an industry often misunderstood. I’m very passionate about providing equal access in entertainment spaces and supporting clients right to choice.

I’ve saved companies thousands of dollars by auditing their contracts with agencies who preyed on their ignorance.

Why interpreting?

The truth is, I wanted to join the circus but didn't make the cut. There was a Deaf clown in my favorite Cirque Du Soleil production, Alegria. He introduced me to the magic of sign language which brought me to the Deaf community. They invited me into their community in the most amazing way. I've spent the better half of my life in a constant search to understand their layered culture more. When I saw the inconsistencies and exploitive practices happening that oppressed a community who had given me so much, I set out to change it. In many ways, Flamingo Interpreting and all the work I do here is a love letter to them. I hope to leave the field better than when I found it.

What's next?

I hope to see the ASL interpreting industry shift to a place where interpreters and agencies have equal footing in the market. I’d like to know when I retire that the work we as a collective put in improved the lives of the next generation.

I don’t have any plans of leaving the industry any time soon but I would love to spend more time teaching. I love seeing students grow and develop.

The work

The samples I’ve included here are random bits of my work that’s happened over the years working with Nyle. I’ve been very lucky that there is always a camera around so I’m able to get some good footage. There’s also some great mistakes in here as well. I’m very open about my work as so much of it happens in the public eye now. I hope you’ll see the mistakes I’ve made the same way I do, fuel to grow.

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Through my Queue with Cosmo

American Sign Language/English with Nyle DiMarco & Cameron Esposito

Nyle DiMarco discussing the importance of Deaf Education.

Hangin' with Hilari (EP 11) - Tate Tullier

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