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What we do

We translate anything from birth certificates to board minutes and we do it all with impeccable care. Our translation team is thoroughly sourced and heavily vetted by experience, region, professional capacity and schedule. 


We take extra care to work with translators experienced in certifying translations, localization, notarization, apostilling and formatting documents to ensure you’re never waiting. We care that you meet your deadlines and will exhaust every resource at our disposal to keep you on schedule!

How we do it

We partner with federal court certified interpreters stateside and credentialed interpreters from all over the world to deliver the best possible product.


As a collaborative made up of practitioners, we have access to the most in demand translators at exclusive and locked in rates, you literally cannot get through another agency.


Along with carrying top talent in our network, you can be assured that our translators and editors would never return a document that wasn’t absolutely perfect.


It’s our secret sauce and why our clients keep coming back with their projects. 

What our clients have to say...

"Working with Flamingo has been nothing short of a fabulous experience. Grey and his team are beyond kind and professional. I have referred this company to many colleagues and all of them have had nothing but nice things to say. Can’t wait to work with you all again!"

Why we're different

When you work with Flamingo, you’re backed by a team of qualified professionals available to answer your questions and manage any concerns. Most language translation firms will ask you to rely on forms and a queue to reach a representative about your documents. We connect you directly with the translators & editors working on your project. If you have any questions, we’re a phone call away and you’ll always have direct access to someone knowledgable who can execute your requests.


We’ve turned projects around within a matter of hours on a holiday weekend, we’ve also partnered with clients for months at a time for ongoing projects. 


We care that you meet your deadlines, no matter how urgent. Our clients have access to our team on the weekends and a commitment that we will always expend every resource at our disposal in delivering the highest quality of service on time. 


For urgent requests call Grey (929) 500-5752 or Lori (917) 825-2600 to discuss your project immediately. 

You've got a deadline & we've got work to do.

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