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Our team provides consulting services to clients who are interested in using interpreters, currently have contracts or have larger projects they need interpreted or translated. We have a variety of service levels and packages. Below are some highlights of our working and how consulting with Flamingo can be your next best move in the boardroom.


Many of our clients arrived to us having already worked with another provider. Those clients were often dissatisfied and tired of overpaying. We changed the game by providing clients a direct channel to the interpreters they preferred. We cut out the middle man and focused on improving the experience for our clients, rather than a price point. Since then, we’ve partnered with even more interpreters to expand our network and remove the limitations our clients were faced with when working with other providers.


We’re the only agency that lists our prices and our interpreting partners publicly because we genuinely prioritize your experience, even if it’s not with us. We’re able to offer consulting services on new contracts that we service and on contracts serviced by other providers. If you are concerned with the quality, the price point or even just the terms of your services, we can help.


We’ve worked with clients to audit their request process, reducing their costs by over 30% annually. We’ve also helped clients receive discounted services of over 50% without changing the interpreters or the amount they’re used. When you consider the benefits of working with a consultant who is an expert in the field, you can see that it’s often more cost effective.

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