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I’ve hired interpreters before. What makes you so different?

Well, for starters… we care about your experience. We'll never send you a random interpreter because it was convenient for us. We're very invested in your experience and want you to be thrilled with services. Also, all of our interpreters are independent. You choose who you want to work with and communicate directly any time. You never have to worry about crossed wires. We also work with you to find the best fit for your next project. We’re real people, you can call us on our cell phones, and you’ll never get a canned email. The biggest difference however, is the quality. Every interpreter who works here was referred by real clients. We don’t accept paper applications and we only work with the best. Prepare to be 'wow'ed.

What do you specialize in?

People, to put it simply. We’ve provided interpreters for everything from church services to film sets for Netflix Originals. We care about what you need and we’ll do everything we can to get to it right. If we can’t find your perfect match, we are always happy to refer you out of our network at no cost to you.

What are the rates for your services?

Our standard interpreting services follow a flat rate hourly schedule and pricing per project is available at anytime. We do have rate sheets available upon request for projects in entertainment and including travel. Consulting is per project but we don’t see a dime until you get what you need, so keep up us as long as you want. You’re in good company. You can find our published rates here.

Some cool stuff you should know


We came Together as practitioners to change the game for our clients.

Our mission hasn't changed. We're still working to increase the independence of interpreters and the clients they serve. This company is 100% owned and driven by interpreters. We won't sell out to the many agencies out there who don't understand our work.


We're built on trust.

Every one of our clients has come through a fantastic referral.

We've met so many of our clients through word of mouth. Their colleagues have told them about our ability to audit their services, contracts and agreements to make accessibility more affordable. They've also shared their positive experience working with us. It's not something we take lightly. We're here to wow.


We service over 80 languages globally.

That's a big deal. That means we have relationships with practitioners in each of those languages who have strong networks of talented professionals. If we don't currently have the right fit in our network, we can source it for you - giving you total control.


We travel well.

Many agencies promise to send interpreters anywhere but too often we meet their clients in a panic. People come to us all the time after an interpreter has been confirmed only to find out they couldn't get a passport, a visa or the guts to drop everything and get on a flight.

Our flock is very familiar with what it takes to work in other countries, we've done it extensively. We've written contracts in the Caribbean and worked with heads of state in Portugal. We get that it might be complicated and we love that.


We invest in our communities.

Each year Flamingo Interpreting allots hundreds of hours to supporting the work of Deaf creators, undocumented immigrants navigating expensive systems and other community members who simply cannot afford an interpreter/translator. In 2021 alone we spent over $15,000 supporting causes we believed in.

We've upset the competition

When we first started we were fairly off the radar and kept a small list of clients who loved us. As we grew, larger agencies took notice of the ways we were changing the game. They're not happy that we wouldn't charge the outrageous fees they did. They were even more mad when they found out that we slashed their margins in half and passed along those profits to the interpreters/translators. You can imagine how they felt finding out their clients switched to us and saved enough to never call them again. We're not here to become billionaires but to leave a legacy in our industry that makes the world a better place.

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