There are a myriad of reasons you might need a document translated fast. If you find yourself in this position and are able to translate into both languages, you may be wondering if you can translate the document on your own. In some cases, you can but for many government reasons, you may not be able to.

At Flamingo Interpreting, we provide interpreters, translators, proofreaders and editors to eliminate errors and speed up the process but what if it’s still quicker for you to translate at home?

What if I’m writing a book?

If you’re writing a book and you want to translate it yourself, you can absolutely do that. Every publisher will have their own translating services or contractors it relies on for these services but in the event you want to do it yourself, you can pitch the idea. In this case, it’s perfectly acceptable to translate yourself. What is most important is that you feel it reflects the story of the original material. If you run into issues or just want to check for general clarity, you can always work with one of our experienced translation editors to proofread and edit the document for you.

What about translating for my wedding?

What if you have specific inside jokes only your friends and family know about you that you’d like to include in your wedding but you’re not super strong in the language? You can submit all of the materials with translations you’ve made yourself to one of our editors who can assist you in getting it just right while still getting your message across

We also provide interpreters for weddings in multiple languages. We’ve worked with members of various religions to ensure we’re following the best practices for ceremonies like these.

What about passport processing?

For passports and many other legal documents, the government will insist on your use of an outside translator. This is for many reasons but we can often work with you to reduce the overall costs. It’s also much quicker to hav them done by an outside entity in case you experience delays.

By using an outside translation service like Flamingo with onsite certifiers and notaries, we can provide you assurance that your documents will be accepted and processed in a timely manner. This is especially important to hire a translator for a death certificate for a passport.

Our translators are familiar with the process and can translate around other cases they’ve seen in the past to reduce your chances of receiving a detail. in addition to this, we. can certify the translations to ensure they’re accepted; something that every government agency will require during the process.

Emergency Translations

Let us know if you need a rush for an emergency, we can work with you to ensure your project is done on time, even if that means within 12 hours. We’ve turned passport documents around in as little as one hour.

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