As the premier agency in the entertainment industry, we are often asked to interpret videos in American Sign Language for general access. Since the wild success of the CODA film taking home multiple Oscar awards, access has being a hot topic.

For larger conferences or events ASL interpreting is needed on a different level. We are often needed to provide picture in a picture ASL or PIP American Sign Language. In these situations we can provide a live feed for services or we can translate videos and process them separately to be punched in to a larger presentation at a later time.

Not only do we provide American Sign Language translated videos but we can edit them in any color a client chooses. Many of our clients have asked, can you provide Chroma Key as a background color and the simple answer is yes! We absolutely can provide a studio quality video of ASL interpreting to be used at any time with quick turn arounds.

For remote video ASL translation, we can turn videos around within a day, sometimes within a few hours depending on the content and length.

ASL Translated Videos

When providing these videos we can follow our clients specs to the letter. With professional studios in New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Washington DC and Boston, we are able to source a team who can provide the exact specifications you need. We can also format and edit our videos to include any of the access requirements carried by your event.

Captioning ASL Videos

We can also provide captioning to our videos or return a .srt file to be used by your production team to overlay. We do this by providing timestamped translated videos for your team to them sync up within their run of show. We can even work around graphic cut ins you are building as apart of the visuals. In order to keep seamless transitions, we can review your script and ensure that no matter where you cut the PIP video in ASL you’ll see a clean interpretation on time with the speaker.

PIP ASL Translation

We can provide videos ahead of your event to punch in to a presentation or even a live feed giving the illusion of live services. We do this in studio then send the mastered file over for you to review. We also stand by for quality assurance (QA) to ensure that if for some reason it doesn’t work with your current plans we can make immediate adjustments. Picture in a picture ASL interpreting can happen live as well with the right technology. In connecting with your team we can give them access to our live feeds allowing you to pull in interpreters from anywhere in the world.

Green Screen ASL

Our studios are equipped with Chroma Key backdrops and 5 point lighting to ensure that we can blend into any branding you’ve built into the graphics. Our goal is to align with your set up as seamlessly as possible. If this means we need to remove backdrops all together and be placed over current schemes and graphics, we can easily do that as well. Our current lead time for Chroma Key is 1 business day.

Asynchronous Translation

We can turn videos around within days. However, if you have a larger ongoing project you would like our help with we can bring the team for a longer booking. In these cases, we can work with you to ensure the videos are being turned around in time with your teams workflow and established expectations. We’ve done hundreds of videos over time on client schedules that follow various time zones and workflows. Because we’re global, we can make just about anything work.

If you’re considering working with interpreters for ASL interpreted videos or ASL translation, we can provide it. We want to provide you the best possible product. When requesting services at please send as many details as possible including a sample piece if possible. We will return a quote and service agreement to you within 48 hours so we can all get back to work!