American Sign Language (ASL) is a visual language used by many deaf and hard-of-hearing individuals in the United States. In Miami, Florida, there are a variety of resources available for those who wish to learn or use ASL.

One way to learn ASL in Miami is through classes offered at local colleges and universities. Miami Dade College and Florida International University both have ASL courses available for students. These classes can provide a comprehensive introduction to the language and its grammar, as well as an opportunity to practice with native ASL speakers.

In addition to formal classes, there are also ASL clubs and groups in Miami where people can practice their skills and meet others who are interested in the language. For example, the Miami-Dade ASL Club meets regularly to practice ASL and participate in social events. The Deafness Research Foundation also has a Sign Language Social Club where attendees can learn and use the language in an informal setting.

For those in need of ASL interpreting services, there are a number of interpreting agencies in Miami that provide certified interpreters for a variety of settings, including schools, healthcare facilities, and legal proceedings. These agencies can also provide on-site interpreting, video remote interpreting, and other forms of assistance.

Finally, there are also several resources available for those who are interested in learning ASL online. Websites like Flamingo Interpreting provide a wealth of information about the language, including tutorials, dictionaries, and quizzes.

Overall, Miami, Florida, offers a variety of resources for individuals interested in learning or using American Sign Language. From classes at colleges and universities to interpreting agencies, to online resources, there are many ways to access the language and the Deaf community in Miami.