Many agencies think they're experts in entertainment.

We think that’s cute.

The truth is...

Your project has real goals to meet. You’ve got beats to hit and deadlines to bury. When sourcing interpreters in the writers room, on-set or for post production work, you need professionals who have actually done these things. You need the team with the reputation for getting it right.

Industry Leading

Our team is comprised of some of the first in Hollywood to establish standards in the industry that protect talent and crew. We’ve staffed red carpets around the world, ducked cameras for live audiences and edited award winning film and television… all while educating the interpreting industry on how to do it successfully.


From unscripted reality to soapy drama, we’ve got you covered. We’ll source the best team for your next project and do it without compromising your budget. From the audition room to the cutting room, we’re familiar with the unique needs projects often post at all stages. We collaborate with interpreters who are well versed in meeting those needs in order to keep you on schedule.


We work to fit your budget every time. When possible, we can provide remote support. Not only are we interested in freeing up your time, we love to reduce your footprint on location.

Game Changing

For clients, the choice to return again and again is clear. We have a team of incredible people who have worked for years to reimagine what interpreting can look like and improve it everyday.



We’ve worked hard to make seamless access effortless, weaving our services into productions at any scale without adding burden to the crews who make them happen.


We also invest thousands of hours annually into projects that aren’t yet funded giving creators a more level playing field.

Camera Ready

With years in the industry, we’ve picked up a few phone numbers. While we focus on accessibility and language visibility, we work with some incredible people. 



Flamingo has talent, story and associate producers we love to recommend. We have a great list of everyone from wardrobe to camera for when you need solid talent you can trust.



From start to finish, we’re here to see your vision through.


We don’t do fluff and we’re happy to tell you who are clients are. For us, this isn’t a test run. This is what we’re experts in.

While it’s hip to be a provider of interpreting and translation in entertainment right now, you simply won’t find a more experienced team.

Incredible services aren't hard to find.

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