If you’re looking for an interpreter and plan to book for the first time, you might feel a little lost. For many out there, American Sign Language interpreting can be a niche service to source. With our list of 5 things to look for, you can be sure you’re locking down quality services every time you book!

1. Good Reviews

In our industry which is often thankless, the most vocal comments you’ll see are usually negative. When you find a potential agency or an interpreter you’d like to work with – check the reviews. You can do this by simply going to google and finding the business or in the case of direct interpreting services, social media. Often you can get a good sense of a business’ connection with the local community by their social media or LinkedIn pages.

2. Previous Clients

Agencies should never shy away from sharing their public and highly visible work. While we’re bound by strict confidentiality guidelines, we can also share the names of clients and events we’ve successfully served for the public. Work samples should be available for larger events giving you some insight into the types of quality you can expect. You can also share those public work samples with the service users for review ahead of booking.

3. Price Point

Shopping around always a good idea when booking any service for the first time. Like any other industry, with ASL interpreters you absolutely get what you pay for. Here at Flamingo we have some of the best working interpreters in the world. Them being in high demand does make an impact on the price point of course, but we work to make services as accessible as possible for the majority of our clients. Bargain agencies are often the companies that hire interpreters who aren’t able to find work elsewhere.

In conclusion, it’s evident that a little due diligence goes a long way. While we’ve all sen the viral videos of people finding fame as fake interpreters, it’s a nightmare to think you could fall victim to the same scheme. Working with reputable service providers with proven track records is key to finding success in booking an ASL interpreter.